Process Chiller Options

Opti Temp offers various options to enhance standard chiller features. A sample of options is listed below. If an optional feature is not listed, there are more options available than are shown on this brief list. Often ordered options include: deviation alarm, reservoir level warning alarm, discharge pressure gauge or transducer, flow switch to endsure pump flow prior to compressor start-up, and remote stop/start via switch closure.


  • Air or Water Cooled
  • Digital Controller
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Reservoir Alarm Level Switch
  • Flow Meter and Digital Display
  • Temperature Deviation Alarm
  • Remote Stop/Start
  • Flow Alarm
  • Process Supply Pressure Sensor (Analog or Digital)
  • Process Return Pressure Sensor (Analog or Digital)
  • Process Fluid Heaters
  • Variable Speed Pump