Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

The OT series of programmable logic controllers (PLC) for process chillers provides a range of control offering from panel mounted with multi loop capability, digital in/out as well as analog in/out, indoor operation, and RS485 as standard. The new offering of PLC controllers provides more control in the controller and fewer discrete components in the electrical box.

The 1st level of offering for indoor operation is the panel mounted CF1 controller. For indoor/outdoor applications the CR1 or CR2 controllers are offered. The CR1 and CR2 units are DIN rail mounted inside a NEMA 4 e-box. The interface to the controller will be either through its own integrated screen, through the RS485, Ethernet, or a separate access screen. The CF1 & CR1 communication is Modbus RTU via RS485. The CR2 communication is Modbus TCP via Ethernet.

There are three options for displays: RC2 remote tethered display for CF1 or CR1 controllers. RC3 Remote tethered color touch screen. HM1 panel mounted color touch screen.

Controller Data Sheet

Rail Mount CR1

The rail mount CR1 programmable logic controller (PLC) is used when the chiller or heat exchanger requires a NEMA 4 enclosure. Status indication shown below.

rail mount PLC display

Panel Mount CF1

The panel mounted CF1 controller is functionally identical to the CR1 controller. Status indication shown below.

panel mount PLC display

Rail Mount CR2

The CR2 PLC offers more analog and digital in/out’s as compared to the CF1 and CR2 controller, and communication is via Modbus TCP via Ethernet.

panel mount PLC display

PLC Display

HMI or RC3 custom color display available, or when customer requires visibility to several variables at a time.

panel mount PLC display